Short films

Laure Giappiconi, an actress and author, La Fille Renne, a photographer, and Elisa Monteil, a sound and performance artist, form a filmmaking collective. Shooting on LomoKino or Super 8, they produce short films with an explicit focus on the body and sexuality. Their films shine with the nostalgic but timeless charm of celluloid.

We are currently promoting our two first short films: Alive and Mermaid.
Alive uses striptease to evoke themes of youth and death.
Mermaid is a sophisticatedly explicit exploration of a girl’s first experience with masturbation.
Both films use the same key elements: an intimate, first-person narration and a small plastic camera that shoots three images per second on 35mm film. The camera produces stuttering, sensuously grainy black and white images.
They are also planning a third film titled Love & a fourth film in colors, Les corps dansants.
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Alive has been premiere at the 5th Festival du Film de Fesses in Paris (06/2018).
Mermaid has been premiere at the 13th Pornfilmfestival Berlin in Berlin (« art porn shorts » selection, 10/2018).
Alive has been showing at SNAP ! (Sex workers Narratives Arts & Politics) in Paris (« Putes & Féministes : auto-représentations » selection, 11/2018).
Pictures of Les corps dansants film have been showing during the exhibition Corps et genres (by Self-ish) in Villeurbanne (12/2018)
Alive & Mermaid have been showing at Only Porn in Lyon (12/2018).
Mermaid has been showing at the third London Porn Film Fest in London (04/2019).

Press :
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